November 16, 2018

Dance Class Bath Hen Party

A.Y. Dance is based in Bath and Bristol, two very popular cities for hen parties. We get a lot of people enquiring about our dance parties for a fun daytime activity. This is where we come in and add to your itinerary, to keep that all important momentum going! One hen group in particular wanted something that little bit different, and picked a dance style that A.Y. Dance had never delivered before, but I must say it is definitely a keeper on our list!

Surprise Line Dancing

This energetic, friendly bunch of ladies arrived at one of our popular studios in Bath raring to go, with the bride having no clue of what was in stall for her! We gathered around, and after introducing myself to the group, I revealed to the bride to be, Gracie, that the style of the dance class today was ‘Line Dancing!’ Taken aback, she had a mixed expression on her face. Half looked totally shocked that she was even doing a dance class, and the other happy and excited that the activity was something fun and uplifting. So ‘Line Dancing’? Thinking back to when I was choreographing this routine, I had to stay true to the traditional steps of a good old hoedown.

Amy Young line dance hen party in Bath. Women wearing cowgirl hats.

Warming up fragile muscles

So we started as normal with a gentle warm-up to wake up the muscles, and more than likely wake everyone up in general as nearly every time I do a hen dance party, the group are a little fragile from the night before! Although these lovely ladies looked pretty sharp and ready to get going. After the warm-up, I split the group into two teams for our popular hen party game, pass the balloon. It doesn’t sound very exciting now does it?! But actually I have never heard so much laughter come from one simple party game, and the ladies are usually very competitive. So once everyone was split up into two lines next to each other, I began to explain the game. ‘The person at the front starts holding one balloon, this is then passed over the head to the next person behind them. This person takes the balloon with both hands and passes it through their legs to the next person. You keep going with this pattern until it is in the last person’s hands at the back of the line. The person at the back has to then get themselves to the front of the line with the balloon to start the process again!’ With this explanation, I was visually demonstrating the process. So, music on and the teams were ready, I shouted ‘3, 2, 1, go!’ Off they went as fast as their hands could possibly move, passing the balloon over and under, over and under. Things were going well, until as usual, I heard a loud ‘pop!’ You guessed it, a balloon had popped. It’s inevitable, it happens every time! Luckily for them, Amy to the rescue. I come running over with a pre blown up balloon, and handed it over so they could continue the game. Giggling and smiles all round, we played three games and the bride’s team won. Of course they did, it was the only way. I was just pleased that everyone so far was really enjoying themselves in preparation for the main routine.

Extra Special Surprise!

Before we began I had something extra special to surprise them with. Their very own cowboy hats! It wouldn’t be the same without one. They loved them, and it was great to see them ready to get into character! I spread the group out into three lines, and began teaching the first step. This being a well-known side step of ‘step, behind, step, in.’ Of course, we added a in a hand on the hat, to bring that ‘cow-girl’ feel to life. As the routine progressed the ladies looked like they were having the time of their lives, especially during the infamous ‘dosey doe’ step in pairs. Getting round in 4 beats was the challenge, and they all gave it a good go! So the dance was coming to an end, and after each class I like to get a video of their brilliant efforts, which in this case they all thought was a brilliant idea. Who wouldn’t want the evidence of being a cow-girl for all of 90 mins? Even more so, perfecting some tricky Line Dancing moves! We filmed the routine and it turned out great. Playing it back, the ladies genuinely looked as if they would remember this routine for years to come!

Cooling down

All puffed out, we finished with a cool-down. This is essential for every class. I put on some slow barn music to continue the theme and the group was still in such high spirits. Following the cool-down, I began to hand out our A.Y. Dance gift bags to each member of the group. This always keeps the smiles on their faces, especially when they discover the personalised shot glass inside! The shot glasses come with the brides name on and date of the class. A little something to take away and remember the experience. This is really important to us as a business, we want the group to remember the time they had learning such a fun routine!

Amy Young dance calss for Bath hen party with their gift bags after the event.

Any theme or style

After the ladies had left, I realised that we really can do ANY THEME OR STYLE! I did think that this would be a challenge for me as a dance teacher. Now I know that being the professional dancers and instructors we are, we are able to deliver whatever the client requires and this dance party definitely proves that!