Dance can be used as an effective way to connect a team. We can encourage the whole team to work together using the 'feel good factor', in a non-competitive atmosphere.
 Image of group of people after party entertainment in bristol with Amy Young Dance.

why dance is excellent for team building

1. COMMUNICATION - A great way of opening easy channels for communication. There may be members of your staff who have never met each other, especially if you have teams nationally and internationally. It is a good ice breaker and a platform to encourage social interaction.

2. CONFLICT RESOLUTION - Not everybody in the work place gets on. There are always some clashes of personalities of which can lead to conflict. Dance teambuilding activities allow members of your team to see different sides of their personalities, this can very often defuse negative perceptions which may lead to conflict it lightens the mood, breaks down barriers and encourages collaboration.

3. STRESS RELEASE - Dance is known to release tension, it has proven health benefits which aids wellbeing also dancing is a more viable alternative for those who view traditional team building activities negatively. A.Y Dance always deliver dance team building sessions in a relaxed atmosphere as it is well known that peoples true feeling come out when they feel relaxed.

4. FUN - Having fun releases endorphins which create the “feel good factor” it encourages staff members to let down their guard. Dance is a very motivating activity it promotes team bonding, members of the team will recall their dance team building experience with fond regard and it will become a fun talking point for the future.

5. FEEDBACK - After each team building workshop Amy and her team will feed back key information to employers on how staff engaged during the activity.

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