March 15, 2019

Top Tips When Planning a Hen Party

1. Create a group.

First things first, how many people are attending? Who are they? Get your list of names and contact details from the bride to be and then set up a messaging group. This could either be on Whatsapp or Facebook messenger. That way you have everyone together and don't have to send individual messages and emails, all replies come through one message and you can organise people more easily.

2. Ask for ideas.

Now you have the group sorted, ask for ideas. The bride will most probably have a mixture of friends that know her from different places.This will probably be school friends, work colleagues and family. Some people may have other ideas then what you have. This will then help you create some great activities tailored around her. Write down all the ideas on one page and put them in order of what you think she would like best. Remember though, just because you are asking for ideas doesn't mean you have to go with every single one! It's just to help you and the bridesmaids to plan the best hen do possible :)

Hen Party Cocktails

3. Dates and Budget

The bride-to-be has the most say in this, as she wants to make sure that the dates work for her, her partner and her wedding. So ultimately, what she says goes! Often enough, this will be a weekend away, or anything up to 5 nights if it's abroad. This is the part when people in the group may start to drop off as the dates are not convenient for them, or they simply can't afford it. Ideas will then go back and forth to thinking of other dates with the bride and finding cheaper alternatives so everyone can come. But what you have to remember is, is that you can't please everyone! So, even though this process will be stressful, your ultimate goal is keeping the bride-to-be happy and organising what she would want and enjoy.

4. Location

Bath Boutique Stays
Bath Boutique Stays

Now if you have ideas on that list like 'she loves the sun' and 'girly holidays with cocktails' then you are probably going to be looking at somewhere abroad. There are some great companies out there that deal with booking hen parties abroad and creating a great itinerary full of fun activities. Companies such as Red Seven Leisure, for example. Check out their website below. Now if you are more likely to be staying the U.K, then finding a house for accommodation is a good place to start. Cities like Bath and Bristol are very popular hen party locations, with lots to do and plenty of activities. Also if you have a big group, finding a suitable house or cottage to accommodate everyone is best to keep people under one roof. Companies such as Bath Boutique Stays are great for larger hen party groups and lots of activities to add on to your stay. Including us! :) Check out the link below for more information. Prefer a hotel? Then why not try out The Abbey Hotel in Bath? A great location right in the city centre. They offer many recommendations for hen parties, we are part of a few of their packages! See the link below to have a look at their website. We are also on a great website that provides accommodation in various locations across the country, check out Party HousesYou will be sure to find the perfect place! Again, you can browse through some fun activities too. Find the link below. 

5. Activities

So you have dates and a location in place. Now you have to get some activities booked in. Go back to your list and have a look at the ones you placed at the top. Start searching and sending enquiries to get an idea of how much these activities are going to cost. There are so many hen do activities that you can do these days, the list is endless! But there are companies out there that can help you decide and plan. Companies I can recommend;

Tobooka - Book unique things to do near your cottage. So if you have booked accommodation and you are struggling to find activities near that location -Tobooka can help with this! Find us on there too:)

Heartfelt Vintage Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea

Heartfelt Vintage - A lovely vintage afternoon tea. Based in Bristol, owners Kate and Will run this place where you can shop vintage clothing and book groups for afternoon tea. They also have packages available to team the afternoon tea with another activity. We are part of a great package where your group can learn a fun 1920s Charleston routine followed by a yummy afternoon tea at the Heartfelt Vintage Shop. Find out more here -

ACF - So many activities to choose from, and the nicest people too! They will be sure to help you find an activity to suit your group. From Dance Workshops to Segways and Wine Tasting to Chocolate Making, you will be spoilt for choice! Take alook here -

Dine Indulge - Planning a fancy dinner? Hire a private chef to come along to your accommodation. They also work with many partners that provide accommodation and other activities:) Click here to find out more -

Oh La La - Planning a hen party in London? Fancy making something sweet? Get in contact with these lovely people who provide masterclasses in making Macarons! Something different, especially if the bride-to-be has a sweet tooth!

A Dance Party! - Of course, I couldn't forget my business! Does your bride-to-belove to dance? This is the one for you. We cater for all group sizes, and you can pick your own theme/style of dance. Choices such as Beyoncé, Dirty Dancing, and 1920s Charleston are all very popular. Not only that, for some themes we can bring along some accessories! These include; Grease pink ladies jackets, Charleston headbands, Line Dancing hats, Burlesque handheld lace fans, Cheerleading pom-poms the list goes on! Visit our website -

6. Games and Accessories 

Hen Party Balloon Games
Balloon Games

Everything is starting to come together, and the itinerary is looking great. Just a few extras are last on the list of planning the ultimate hen do for your bestie! Hen Party games are the best way to get the party going and to get everyone in the mood. Go online and search for some games that the bride will love and have them ready for when there may be a gap in the itinerary. There is nothing worse than having the group sat around with no atmosphere! Get the drinks in, put some music on and let the games begin! Thought about some fun accessories? These are great to let everyone know that your group is in town and there to party! These could be sashes, badges, whistles, stickers.The list is endless! Again, Google is the place to go for ideas on this. 

So there you have it! A few tips to help plan the perfect hen do, well not perfect, as we all know that there is bound to be a mishap somewhere along the line, but this is normal for a hen do. I don't think I have been onone where something has cropped up or not gone quite to plan, but you will be so organised that it won't even phase you! 



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