December 7, 2018

Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

Live wedding entertainment can transform your wedding reception into something really special. After all the emotion and nerves of the ceremony, you and your guests will be looking forward to the wedding reception. Who doesn’t like to eat, drink and dance!

Why not surprise your guests with some unexpected entertainment during your reception or evening party?

Dance Flash Mob

A dance flash mob is great for adding an unexpected entertaining experience for your guests! It also creates a fun, exciting atmosphere, with a chance to get some of those all-important wedding photos for the memory box!

Our professional dance team will merge into the background dressed as waitresses and/or waiters serving at your table. Who’s to know anything different? This is what’s expected of course? But suddenly, as the music starts, those staff members transform into dancers and bust out a sensational routine! Moving and grooving around the tables, they will take you by surprise and bring your whole wedding reception to life!

Dance flash mob Amy Young wedding reception ideas

Evening Party Entertainment

There’s nothing like a dance show to start off your evening. Our team of professional dancers can perform a routine after the wedding breakfast to get the party started and warm-up the dance floor for your guests! Or perhaps half way through the evening, people are flagging and you need an extra boost to keep everyone entertained?!

You can choose a theme, and we can perform any dance style to any genre of music. Our dancers come in beautiful costumes to suit the chosen theme, guaranteed to wow the audience. After the performance, our dancers can stay on the dance floor to encourage guest participation! This is a great way to get that floor filled, and to keep the party going into the night.

There are so many themes to choose from, and if you have your own idea’s you can certainly let us know and we will make it happen! Our popular themes include; The Can-Can, Vegas Showgirl, 1920S Charleston, 1940s Lindy Hop, Latin American, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and many more!

Wedding Dance Group Performance

So maybe you fancy getting up yourself and showing everyone just how amazing you are at dancing!?

Grab some of your guests or bridesmaids and why not learn a group dance to perform? Impress your guests with a show-stopping routine that people will talk about for years to come, and what a great opportunity to get some fabulous video footage? Again, you choose the theme, style or song and we will arrange a studio space to teach you and your group. It’s entirely up to you to how much time you want to book, we will work with your requirements. Not only that, we will make sure the routine is polished and ready to go, no-one will go away feeling unsure!

We are based in the South West, and can deliver all event entertainment in areas such as Bath, Bristol and South Wales. We also work with dancers U.K. wide, so send us an enquiry and get the party started!

wedding dance group performance - Amy Young dance